New Release Ceremony - San Rafael, CA - November 19, 2019


I am proud to present my newest work, "The Gift", a painting all about the Divine Mother.

This pivotal new artwork is my non-traditional celebration and rendition of Kuan Yin, Mother Mary, Yemaya, all powerful emanations of the Divine Mother which are deeply rooted in the Buddhist, Christian, and Yoruba lineages, respectively.

My new painting (and the music I have co-created with my husband for it) is an intentional exploration of archetypal work and symbolism. This art is my creative expression of a prayer for us all to embody greater compassion, exuberant joy, and deep tenderness in our lives and service to others, especially to the children and our inner child.

Three years ago, I made a promise that I would hold a special event in celebration of each master work that I release. These "master works" are the larger couple hundred hour paintings I create that feel really significant to my body of work. By the time I'm done with something like this, I can't help but want to shout it out from the mountaintops!

This event is a rite of passage. Not just for me or my new work, but for all who accept my invitation to experience art as a form of magic.

Please join us for an evening of dialogue, sweet reflection, ritual magic, and original art and music created to fill your cup with love and inspiration.

If you're curious to see some details of the new painting before the release date, you may have a look on my Instagram feed here (don't worry, I would never dream of giving it all away before the show, just some details to pique your interest):

To see FB event page, please visit:



5:30-6:00             Arrive & settle in

6pm-6:30             Artist Talk with Q&A

6:30-7:15             Guided Meditation

7:15-8:15-ish       JAMeeSHKA Music

8:00-9:00             Mingle & Take a Print Home     

- $20 advance tickets (or 2 for $30) or $25 tickets at the door (limited capacity)
- Very first prints of "The Gift" available for purchase
- This is an alcohol and drug free event
- This event is kid friendly, but please take your child outside if they need to be loud or expend some energy during quieter moments of the event.
- Plenty of parking alongside the road just before the house


We will begin the evening with an artist talk and facilitated Q&A. Following the talk, we will have a ceremonial unveiling of the piece itself. We will then segue into a guided meditation and ritual to take you on a journey deeper into the prayer and narrative of the painting.

And there will be music, of course!

And then there will be music, of course!

My music project, JAMeeSHKA (in collaboration with my husband, James Caran) will also be in full effect for a portion of the evening. JAMeeSHKA will begin the hour's magical set by sharing a brand new composition inspired by "The Gift".

To get a preview of our musical style, please visit my music page:

***PLEASE arrive on time. If you are traveling, take into consideration the commute during traffic, and perhaps come to the area extra early so you can enjoy dinner at a local restaurant nearby before heading to the event for a 6pm start time.



When I say “divine mother”, I’m speaking of those qualities of “mother” which we need and hold most dear, distilled down to their most simple yet profound essence. Divine Mother is archetypal in nature, it is the fundamental baseline frequency of what it means to be mother in a universal sense.

The Divine Mother energy, when depicted through symbol and form, radiates unconditional love and compassion, a feeling of being held and supported through all of life’s moments of beauty and pain. It is a knowing gentle smile. It is a listening gaze. It is a tender touch, a caring gesture. Welcoming arms. The face of compassion. A feeling of being seen and accepted for all that we are. She is the vital and loving embrace of all creation... the womb of creation.

The Gift of Life.

Your own mother may or may not have exhibited any or all of these qualities for you, but this is what the essence of “mother” is in our heart of hearts, on a deep cellular level. We know this to be true perhaps without even knowing why. She dwells within our collective consciousness; therefore, we can embody or call upon the Divine Mother energy whenever we choose, whenever we need. She is a potent key to our awakening, and She is available to all of us at any moment. She is a part of you. She IS you.



Ishka is part of a growing visionary art movement that is dedicated to the happiness of all beings, and approaches her creative process as a spiritual practice. Her art explores and celebrates the natural radiance inherent in all dimensions of life through the use of neo-traditional iconography and mythology, and she is especially interested in what universal archetypes have most helpfully governed mankind's passage through time into greater avenues of mutual respect, understanding, and heartfelt livelihood. Her work is primarily featured in private collections, galleries, boutiques, and transformational art and music festivals throughout the U.S. and abroad.