The Butterfly People & The Dreaming Tree ~ Los Angeles, CA ~ May 20th, 2018


When I was first called in for this event, I assumed I was going to be brought on for visuals, but to my surprise and delight I was invited as a storyteller and singer. I couldn't have been more thrilled by this, as I have been honing my craft as a singer and storyteller my whole life, but really quite extensively this past 1.5 years, and I am happy as a bumblebee to collaborate musically on such a project as this. I am deeply honored to bring my song to this collective vision.


Please join us if you can. Tickets are selling fast.



A team of visionary artists have come together to answer the call of the Butterfly People: a cosmic tribe of  beings that vibrate on such a high frequency of love they have not been visible to the human eye until this  very special evening within the Dreaming Tree, the meeting place between our two worlds. They have called this auspicious meeting to share stories, songs and dances that will aid you increasing your frequency of love so you can more easily access your creative purpose, stand in your power and birth the new vision of Earth!

Please come and celebrate with us and unleash your wings!


Our Team of Visionary Artists:
Alexandra Love Sarton 
Shereen Sun
Haylee Nichele
Jennifer Riley
Ishka Lha
Marie Mbouni
Julie Civiello Polier
Justine Serebrin


To see our promo video, click here


Sunday, May 20th 2018
The Aerial House, 5230 Alhambra Ave. Los Angeles, Ca 90032
Doors open at 6pm (pst) and we start PROMPTLY AT 6:30pm (pst)



10% of all proceeds goes to The Panama Give Back Project which works for gender equality

and female empowerment in Panama. All tickets are non-refundable