"Shellf Reflection" - Work in Progress

"Shellf Reflection" (in progress)


Hello there friend,

First of all, HAPPY SOLSTICE! Normally at this time, my husband and I (and our Star Hutch community) throw an amazing Yulestice (think yule + solstice) gathering. We host a potluck and serve magic home made eggnog, spark a silly dancing white elephant gifting game, hold potent midnight ritual, and play music and connect with our beautiful beloved special people until dawn. We celebrate the longest night like no other night of the year.

But, as like everyone else, this year is a little... different.

2020. What. A. Year.

And did you catch what was happening with the great conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter last night??? Unfortunately for us, it was a stormy day with lots of clouds, so we were unable to see it with our naked eye. We did look at it with our stargazer app... but yeah, basically, this alignment hasn't happened for almost 400 years. It's very special. Here's a little bit of astrology that sums up the basics of what this means:

With Jupiter forming a conjunction to Saturn, this can be a period of constructive accomplishment. We are practical, realistic, and our judgment is especially sound–and we derive much satisfaction from practical accomplishment. The key to harnessing this powerful energy is to identify and find pleasure in the simple things that make us happy. Our desire to explore life and to be free is tempered or balanced with our need or desire to meet our responsibilities and obligations. We can be a little more critical of our big plans, and this can be useful as we bring some things down to earth. It’s not necessarily a time for taking shortcuts; instead, it can be a time of moderately hard work. We are encouraged, by life’s circumstances, to slow down to get things right. We can be focusing on re-structuring areas of our lives, goals, life plans, or business goals. It’s a powerful time for new beginnings and taking first steps to grow. Our vision empowers us, and it’s a practical one.

With this transit, we avoid the waste of overestimation, although some underestimation is likely and a trade-off. While we can be working hard, we’re not working against the grain–for the most part, there’s support or our realistic confidence supports us.

Regarding the specific aspect of Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aquarius occurring on December 21st, 2020, we tend to focus these rebuilding and reforming energies and visions on our humanitarian impulses, contributions to society, social life, technological development, special causes, and friendships.

— Cafe Astrology

So, in a nutshell: NOW is the time to act on your dreams (with a good dose of practicality), and they best be for the good of all. 


"Shellf Reflection" (in progress)


What I also really wanted to share with you today is this cute weird little drawing I made recently. I started it one evening while hanging out with my 7-yr-old. I drew the face, added some jester flare... and then my daughter asked if we could draw a "jester" together. So... I drew with her for awhile in her sketchbook and we made this:



love collab drawings with my daughter. I think it's actually pretty hard to tell which one of us drew what parts, am I right?

Anyway, about a week or so later, I got back to my own drawing. And then I finished it a couple days ago. I'm really loving it...

In between commissions, it feels really great to have a breath of fresh air doing something just for me. And with drawing, I typically just go for it with no concept in mind, just free flow. Just a little ditty for pure enjoyment of making art. No preconceived ideas. No expectations. Just doing it to pass the time in loose joy.



I also love how crazy my hands look after a good drawing session like that.

Wanna see the finished drawing??

I'm going to get it scanned tomorrow, and I'll be posting the original and prints on my website soon. If you're interested in making me an offer on the drawing now, hit reply. Otherwise, I'll send you an email when I've got images of the finished work very soon.

Until then, happy holidays, and I hope you are well. Don't forget to set some amazing intentions for yourself for this coming year. Solstice is the perfect time to do so, even moreso in tandem with the Great Conjunction.


With Love,