Painting Feathers


Whatever it is, that thing you do which requires a special kind of stillness in the mind to get it done well, is a meditation. It's not always fun, to practice, to train the mind and body to a certain task day in and day out, but as long as it is done with purpose and passion, it is healthy and necessary. To master anything, there is a place of no mind that we must operate from... to quit darting around so much, and just focus.

Paint a bunch of feathers. Weave a basket. Make a set of plates. Sew every item of clothing you've been holding in your closet that needs mending, all at once. Sit with your eyes closed, and think of only your in and out breaths. Count them, and see how many times you can get to 9 full inhales and exhales without losing count. Train your mind. Can you do it?

We live in a world full of distractions, but nothing good can be done without stopping the world for a time, so we can see the beauty in absolutely nothing.⠀

What's your practice, your meditation?