New Drawing: Threading the Needle (DFW #4)

Threading the Needle
(graphite on paper - 9"x12")
full of small dancing particles and the one great turning,
our souls are dancing with you,
without feet,
they dance.

Can you see them when I whisper in your ear?
All day and night,
a quiet,
bright reedsong.

If it fades, we fade.


While up at my childhood home and ranch (still clearing it all out for the new owners, for those of you who have been following that journey), I dedicated some time on the back kitchen porch to this new little drawing, another addition to my Drawing From Within series. Like my process for all the work in this particular series, I approach this creative time as an opportunity for me to drop my big ideas, and allow for a drawing to take me on a journey, instead of the other way around.

No concepts. No prayers. No mind time.

One of my favorite ways to draw...
Lately, I've been treating this series as a pretty serious (and really fun!) consciousness experiment. I've been reflecting a lot on how this particular way of making art affects my mood, my sense of fulfillment, and how I relate to the world at large, and I've been taking lots of notes.

For years, I've held that my creative practice is my main spiritual practice. It is my way of connecting to big energy, to source energy, to the infinite depths of all that is; and allows for my unique blueprint to take shape. It enables me to shine. It is my quiet reprieve. It creates more feelings of spaciousness. Without art, without the act of making it and sharing it, my soul's brilliance would slowly fade and burn out. Without following that innate passion—without pursuing those sparks of inspiration—there would be no path for me, no way to go that would truly lead me home. 

And so, you best believe—I practice Art!

It is my solace, my magic cauldron, my own personal meditation.

Also, the deeper I study and explore each facet of the many creative processes I've developed over the years, the more I realize how much more I am able to know myself and the world around me. I am not just engrossed in the act of making art, I am also zooming out one layer further, and studying the "me" which is affected by making it. I am the meditator, and I am that which observes the meditator. The more I study myself in this way, the better I am able to teach others how and why to apply these creative practices in their own life.

And this, my dear, is the task at hand.

I am currently developing curriculum for a group program which is based on the drawing practice I am now immersed in (within the context of my Drawing From Within series) so that I can better serve my people--YOU!--in exploring and experiencing real personal growth with a regular intentional drawing practice. Not only will you be able to engage with the art I am already publishing for you on a monthly basis, you will also have the opportunity to learn and apply the same methodology I am using to create your own work, with regular guidance from me, and in circle with some sweet community.

The benefits of doing this kind of creative work reach far beyond my own personal journey and story. They are accessible to anyone who learns these practices and applies them to their own art making. If you embark on this path with me, the shifts in awareness you can access with regular practice will also naturally ripple out to your day to day experiences (beyond pencil and paper), and improve your overall quality of life—and that, my friend, is where the real treasure lies.

If this topic piques your interest, please click the link below to let me know. You'll be among the first to be notified when enrollment opens, and I'd be honored to work with you.

The program will be available for applications this winter, so stay tuned!
Yes, I'm Interested!
Drawing From Within

Threading the Needle is the newest release from my series, Drawing From Within, which I began at the start of this year. Each drawing in this series is an expression from my heart, made completely in the moment with no references, concepts, or pre-conceived ideas when I sit down to draw, and usually completed within 1-3 short sittings. The mythology of such a piece unfolds in the making, and largely after it's finished. In a way, each of these new works is like a journal entry, a ventilation of energy, emotions, and thoughts—very intimate and ephemeral. This kind of art making process has been very therapeutic for me throughout my life, and I want to share its healing effects (in the form of physical art) with you on a more regular basis. I have committed to releasing one new work per month from this series for one year.

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