New Drawing: Shellf Reflection (DFW #1)

Shellf Reflection illuminates a dear little jester snail as they glide along a whimsical marsh. The enchanting crescent moon and stars swirl about in the sky, coming down surprisingly closely to the water's edge, blurring the line between worlds.

The jester snail smiles sweetly, meeting this quiet reflective moment in the inbetween with a soft glint in their eye.

Sometimes I feel rather odd in my skin,
a jester snail with a beard on my chin.
I got here quite boldly,
and of course, rather slowly,
but the joy that I feel leads ne'er to chagrin!



I had absolutely no idea what this drawing would be about when I made it, and I enjoy discovering the mythology of such a piece as it unfolds. I feel like this one touches on so many brilliant and strange aspects of life that we all get to experience as humans, as creative beings. When we dream something up and go for it, whatever it is, it may seem like quite a crazy, slow, and even maddening process to fully realize that "thing", that project, that dream... that life. Oh, the life we wish to lead!

At those times when we don't know if people will get it, or we are not totally sure what we're doing—but we feel absolutely compelled to do it anyway—well, that's when we know we are onto something good. That's creativity at its best. That's when you've got yourself into something you've never done before, something possibly never been done before by anyone (or at least not quite like you). There's usually not a perfect little road map laid out with all its little labels and mile markers for that.... No, the "road map" looks more often like a bunch of colorful scribbles on a piece of scrap paper where you can look for clues, and then maybe cut it all up to make some momentous collage once you have your great aha. Ha!

We are all so unique, and our crazy and strange brilliance is what makes this world so wonderfully fascinating. So please, don't hold back. Take time to reflect on what you'd like to create on this planet, and go out and do what pleases and delights you to the core.

Take chances.
Be a little weird.
Or a lot weird.
Embody your full jester snail self.

Enjoy. Rinse. Repeat.