New Drawing: On the Horizon (DFW #2)

At the time I made this drawing, I was feeling overwhelmed by what many call “the grand horizon”—that place of big ideas and dreams. I know my big dreams intimately, but I hadn’t sat down to put some structure to them for the new year yet, to make the actual plans to manifest my desires. This is a classic trap we can all fall into sometimes—getting lost in the big picture—but there is a way to get through the overwhelmth, and gracefully move into greater clarity and grounding.

So, how did I do that?

In order to get clear, I started out by making some art (this drawing). No concepts, just free flow. I felt way less spread out energetically after doing so. That led to some journaling about my big dreams, and then I wrote about what I wanted to focus on this year, to get it all out of my heart and head onto paper. After that, I broke things down into lists and timelines to get really specific on how and when to accomplish my goals.

This specific process of bringing spirit into form—energy into matter—fantasy into reality—is a powerful aspect of practical magic, and is absolutely vital to actualizing our mission in the world.

And guess what? I feel way better now from having done this inner work, and I’m feeling ready to step into this new year with a renewed sense of dedication and motivation.

If you haven't done something like the process I described above for this new year yet, I invite you to do so! It's a good time to get clear on your big dreams, set those new intentions, and make a plan on how to manifest. And really, no matter what time of year, it's always a good time to do this if you need to.



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As I mentioned above, On the Horizon is the newest release from my new series, Drawing From Within. Each drawing in this series is an expression from my heart, made completely in the moment with no references, concepts, or pre-conceived ideas when I sit down to draw, and usually completed within 1-3 short sittings. The mythology of such a piece unfolds in the making, and largely after it's finished. This kind of art making process has been very therapeutic for me throughout my life, and I want to share its healing effects (in the form of physical art) with you on a more regular basis. In a way, each of these drawings is like a journal entry, a ventilation of energy, emotions, and thoughts—very intimate and ephemeral. I've decided to create a new drawing for this series every month and see where it goes. 

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