Is it Time?


Is it time?

Is it time to let go of the old stories

and finally create some new ones?

Ones in which you are fulfilled beyond measure?

Ones where you dream the impossible dream,

and then dare to make it come true?

Is it time to shake off the old and invite the new?

Is it time?

I mean really, is it time?



Is it time to lay it all down at the altar of change

and give it all up to creation?

Is it time to stop and listen to the quiet voice,

that little gentle voice that wants happiness?

That voice that calls you to your heart?

Is it time?


Is it time yet?


Is it time to mourn what didn’t work out and move on?

Is it time for something better now?

Is it time to build a life where everyday,

you are spending your time

making something beautiful and inspiring?

Is it time to start over yet?

When is enough enough?


When is it time to decide to take your life into your own hands

and mold it into something you are proud of?

When is it time to say YES to what is available right now,

the choice, the ability to say YES to what is,

to say YES to happiness

to say YES to love, to family, and community

to say YES to your heart’s calling

to say YES to collaboration

and to standing up for what’s true and good?


Is it time?

Is it?


What time is it?!


I say YES.

I say it is YES time.

I say there is no better time than right now.

I say, kick up the dust with your imaginings and let them fly.

Let it all hang out.

Let your enthusiasm bubble over and flood the gates.

Let the art of living and a life of art

be what you are,

so that you can know freedom.


Let how many times you say I love you

be the minutes on the clock

Let the days spin round with poetry and art

in all that you do, whatever it is.


Make sure what you do is something you enjoy,

something that peaks your interest,

something you remain curious about,

something that challenges you

and forces you out of your comfort zone.


Let your dreams take you to places beyond what you even imagined

Let them lead you into new thoughts, new ideas, new ways of being

Let it all bring new and enriching relationships

that support your unique expression of your gifts.

Let the time be not what is measured,

but what is felt, cried out, laughed away, and held.

Let the time slow down with laying the groundwork for a new life.

Let it be time to take that next step.

Let it be time to then take the next step after that.

Let it be time to enjoy the laboring,

to enjoy the tilling of the soil,

to enjoy the planting of the seeds, the watering, the blooms, and fruits.

Enjoy the weeding, the waiting, the working, the growing.


Enjoy it all.


That is, find a way to be present with it all.

Appreciate it all and let it go.

Celebrate your victories.

Celebrate your failures.

Pick yourself up and do it all again.

Let your destiny catch the wind and set sail.

Let your dreams be the life you lead.


Let it be time.


Let it be now.