I Got This


“I Got This.” ⁠
The caterpillar says to herself.⁠
“I got this.”⁠
She tells herself again.⁠
“I got this,” she says...⁠

Without knowing how,

without knowing when,

without any of it being explained to her step by step by some teacher or some book,

she just knew this was her “thing”. ⁠

She fed her hunger, ⁠
and she grew and grew. ⁠

What else could she do? ⁠

And when she felt all nice and plump, ⁠
and ready for some sleeping, ⁠
she spun aloft a comfy spot, ⁠
for good rest and some safe keeping. ⁠

We all know all too well⁠
just what happened next,⁠
This story just keeps going on⁠
Reminding us what’s best.⁠

Don’t forget,⁠
Please remember,⁠
When you put it to the test:⁠
Feed your dreams,⁠
Starve your fears,⁠
And trust will do the rest.


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