Guided Art Meditation #1

Seeing is believing.

I get it. 

That's one of the reasons I make art.

With countless swishes of the brush, I am creating something for everyone that represents a really meaningful idea or experience, a wish, a prayer, a dream, a channeled or mystical vision, and I'm giving it form in the physical.

And now we have a painting!—something concrete and tangible—to remind us all everyday of the magic and miracles of this crazy amazing universe we live in.

Sometimes we just need that thing that we can see, touch, and interact with to bring us deeper into our own mysticism.

For all of us, art can often be that thing.

The paintings I make are tools that we can use to help animate the unseen in our lives. They are keys. They are maps. They are portals into different dimensions, places we all have access to, but don't always know how to get to. These paintings have the power to animate our personal mythology. They can give meaning to the invisible stuff inside us that we sometimes find hard to articulate.

Engaging with these physical representations of the ineffable are what bring our rituals to life.

...But how do we do that exactly?

One way of learning how to interact more deeply with the art is through the use of some beautiful altar cards I've created for you. You can place one or more of them on your altar, to focus your attention and intention on a specific theme, or you can simply hold one in your hand and meditate with it, if you're on the go. I've made a handful of these cards, and I invite you to try them!

Below is a meditation I've created for the altar card I made from part of my painting Room With a View. I invite you to try it.

Let me know how it goes in the comments below!


Altar Card Meditation

Take a moment to sit and gaze at the altar card image below.

Breathe it in.

Let its colors draw you into their dance.

Allow the imagery to take you on a journey into the magic of nature.

Be with the art completely...

(take some time to do that now....)



When you feel ready to transition into words, I invite you to read aloud the following prayetry (prayer + poetry) I've written below, to bring you even deeper into the meditation of the art.

Read the words out loud as you would a set of affirmations or a mantra, with focused attention to each syllable, each phrase, following the symbolism of each word deeper into your own center.

In doing this, you become the facilitator of the meditation as well as the participant, the teacher and the student. You are in fact, the healer and the healed, the dreamer and the dream.

These words below are here to connect you even more deeply with the essence of this image, to amplify its message of peace and the clarity of its playful grace:



Thanks for doing this practice! This kind of meditation is as old as religion, as people all over the world have done before you, are doing with you, will continue to do as you engage with your precious life with loving attention. In meditation, you have the opportunity to enter a field of consciousness that is filled with wisdom. And all it takes is 5 minutes to tap into it.


Available for Purchase

This altar card and several others I've created for use in meditation are all available for purchase on my website. They are all printed on recycled paper with veggie inks just a couple miles from my studio. Each one is also laminated for extra durability and protection against the elements.