Caring for the Children

Forget your serious work.
Play awhile.
Let your smile free.
Roll around in tickles.
Eat raspberries off your fingers.
Snuggle and nuzzle noses.
Spin round and round.
Erupt with laughter.
Say I love you more often than ever.
Sit with toys in the shower.
Gaze at their little sleeping eyes.
Sing a song.
Skip to the car.
Hold their tiny hands.
Hum while brushing teeth.
Make a mess making pancakes.
Suck on dry noodles.
Wheelbarrow down the hall.
Pretend you are a kitty cat.
Pretend you are a kid.
Remember to play.
Remember the kids. .
Children. Family. Connection.

Another time lapse, another day.... only about 15 more of these little blue windows to be filled with kids! 😅 Luckily they’re very cute. Really though, this painting is all about the divine mother, and caring for the children. Loving the inner child. Loving the little munchkins that will be our future! 

To see the time lapse of me painting this section, visit my Instagram post.